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  • 臨沂市新天力機械有限公司
    Linyi Xintianli Machinery Co., Ltd
    24小時服務電話: 0539-8292318
    24-hour customer service hotline: 0539-8292318



    • 公司簡介
    • 企業文化
    • 關于曆史


    Linyi Xintianli Machinery Co., Ltd

          公司占地110畝  ,建築面積4萬平方米  ,其中現代化廠房3.5萬平方米  ,固定資産8000萬元 。擁有普通車床 、銑床 、刨床 、磨床  、鑽床等各類機加工設備80餘台  ,其中數控機床20餘台  ,具有先進、完善的機械加工能力。從業人員近200人 ,機械設計  、機電一體化 、數控液壓等專業人員配備齊全  ,具有獨立研發 、設計創新  、制造人造闆機械成套設備的能力  ,年産值過億元。

    公司設有臨沂市人造闆機械研究所并擁有1個市級研發中心,與東北林業大學  ,北京林業機械研究所 、臨沂大學建立了産、學、研平台,重點研發人造闆領域新技術 、新設備  。公司現有各類工程技術人員22人,其中高級工程師4人  ,工程師15人。

    目前 ,公司産品涵蓋了普通刨花闆(原生材 、再生材)生産,稭稈刨花闆生産線、OSB/LSB生産線   、空心刨花闆生産線、中/高密度纖維闆生産線 ,膠合闆生廠線,LVL生産線等成套設備  。連續多年獲中國林業協會行業AAA級行業信譽單位  ,市場占有率達到30%以上 ,産品暢銷全國二十多個國家和地區  。

           The company covers an area of 110 acres, with a construction area of 40000 square meters, including a modern factory building of 35000 square meters and fixed assets of 80 million yuan. We have more than 80 types of machining equipment, including ordinary lathes, milling machines, planers, grinders, drilling machines, etc. Among them, there are more than 20 CNC machine tools, which have advanced and complete mechanical processing capabilities. It has nearly 200 employees, and is fully equipped with mechanical design, electromechanical integration, numerical control hydraulic and other professionals. It has the ability to independently research and develop, design innovation, and manufacture complete sets of Engineered wood machinery, with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan.

           The company has Linyi Engineered wood machinery research institute and a municipal research and development center. It has established a production, learning and research platform with Northeast Forestry University, Beijing Forestry Machinery Research Institute and Linyi University, focusing on the research and development of new technologies and equipment in the field of Engineered wood. The company currently has 22 engineering and technical personnel, including 4 senior engineers and 15 engineers.

           At present, the company's products cover the production of ordinary particle boards (raw and recycled materials), straw particle board production lines, OSB/LSB production lines, hollow particle board production lines, medium/high density fiberboard production lines, plywood production lines, LVL production lines and other complete equipment. For many consecutive years, it has been awarded the AAA level industry reputation unit of the China Forestry Association, with a market share of over 30%, and its products are best-selling in more than 20 countries and regions across the country.

    · 使命


    多年來  ,公司以質量立信譽,憑服務求市場的經營宗旨 ,以市場為導向  ,以科技創新為依托,以新産品研發為龍頭 ,着力打造企業的核心競争力 ,為企業赢得了良好的信譽,産品深受廣大用戶歡迎  。過硬的産品質量  ,周到的售後服務 ,使 “天力”牌人造闆機械成為國内行業的著名品牌 。

    For many years, the company has established a reputation based on quality, pursued the market through service, guided by the market, relying on technological innovation, and led by new product research and development. We have focused on building the core competitiveness of the enterprise, winning a good reputation for the enterprise, and our products are well received by the majority of users. Excellent product quality and considerate after-sales service make "Tianli" brand Engineered wood machinery a famous brand in the domestic industry.

    · 價值觀


    誠心 、誠真  、誠善

    Sincerity    、 Honest  、 Kind

               精心  、精工、精品

           Elaborate  、craftsmanship 、 Boutique 


    · 1989年  臨沂新天力機械有限公司(原臨沂師院機械廠)成立

                   Linyi Xintianli Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1992

    · 2000 成功研發制造國内第一台組合框架熱壓機,組合框架預壓機,出口非洲  ,國内首創。

                    In 2000, it successfully developed and manufactured the first domestic combined frame hot press and combined frame pre press, which were exported to Africa, the first in China.

    · 2002 為日本獨資企業臨沂三澤木業研發制造出國内第一套4200LVL成套設備  ,屬國内首創  。

                    In 2002, we developed and manufactured the first 4200LVL complete set of equipment in China for the Japanese wholly-owned enterprise Linyi Sanze Wood Industry, which is the first in China.

    · 2014 為山東東營恒旭木業成功研發出國内第一條年産3m³棉杆刨花闆生産線 ;有效解決了棉皮 、棉絮分離這一業内難題 ,填補了國内空白 。

                    In 2014, Shandong Dongying Hengxu Wood Industry successfully developed the first domestic production line with an annual output of 30000 meters ³ Cotton rod particleboard production line; Effectively solved the industry problem of separating cotton skin and cotton fiber, filling the domestic gap.

    · 2016 為肯尼亞用戶成功研發國内第一條3m³刨花闆薄闆(厚度8mm)生産線 ,填補了同類産品空白

                    In 2016, we successfully developed the first 30000 cubic meter particle board thin plate (thickness 8mm) production line in China for Kenyan users, filling the gap in similar products

    · 2017年 為阿爾及利亞客戶成功研發出國内第一條年産6m³大幅面多台單層熱壓機壓制大幅面薄闆生産線  ,用于生産3660*1600(厚6-8mm),屬獨創機型  ,該線運行良好 。

                    In 2017, we successfully developed the first domestic production line with an annual production capacity of 60000 cubic meters of large surface and multiple single-layer hot press machines for pressing large surface thin plates for Algerian customers. It is used to produce 3660 * 1600 (thickness 6-8mm), which is an original model and operates well.

    · 2020年 為阿爾及利亞客戶研發生産了年産5m³的中纖維闆輥壓生産線 ,目前該生産線已經正式投産 ,客戶十分滿意  。

                     In 2020, we developed and produced a rolling production line for fiberboard with an annual output of 50000 cubic meters for Algerian customers. Currently, the production line has been officially put into operation and the customers are very satisfied.

                近幾年來,公司還為江西昌源木業設計生産了30再生材刨花闆生産線;山東日照利源木業28層再生材刨花闆生産線 ,山東平邑福千源30層原生材刨花闆生産線 。江蘇福慶鴻盈新材料有限公司12.5米LVL生産線 、徐州阿米什新材料科技有限公司14.6米LVL生産線  。以及墨西哥 、阿爾及利亞  、哈薩克斯坦等客戶二十餘條刨花闆生産線。

                   In recent years, the company has also designed and produced a 30 layer recycled wood particle board production line for Jiangxi Changyuan Wood Industry; Shandong Rizhao Liyuan Wood Industry's 28 story recycled wood particle board production line, and Shandong Pingyi Fuqianyuan's 30 story native wood particle board production line. Jiangsu Fuqing Hongying New Materials Co., Ltd. has a 12.5-meter LVL production line, and Xuzhou Amish New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. has a 14.6-meter LVL production line. And more than 20 particle board production lines from customers in Mexico, Algeria, Kazakhstan, etc.